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Crux Supply Co
Crux Supply Co


Beard Bundle :Enter this shaving trifecta: It includes our rich-lathering shave soap made from bentonite clay, a double-walled stainless steel shave bowl to house it, and a boar-bristle brush with a lightweight (read: easy to wield) wooden handle.

Beard Oil: Treat your beard to a little R & R. Our beard oil combines avocado, almond, and jojoba oils that sink deep into hair and skin, keeping you looking as good as you feel.

Wooden Beard Comb: Lightweight and durable, this wooden comb fits comfortably in your pocket for on-the-go upkeep.

• Measures approx. 4" long
• Medium toothed to help with tangles
• Keeps your beard smooth and healthy

Beard Balm: Keeping up with the best beard oils, it features scruff-softening shea butter and jojoba oil, plus the scent of cypress, vetiver, and bergamot

Wooden Shaving BrushSolid wooden handle
• Lightweight
• Helps lift whiskers for a close, smooth shave

Stainless Steal shaving bowl: Lightweight and stylish, this stainless steel shaving bowl fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, helping you perfect your morning ritual. 

Charcoal grit Bar: Show that scum who's boss with our charcoal grit bar; a serious body bar that combines the exfoliating power of pumice and black walnut shell power with the toxin-busting properties of charcoal. Use all over the body --including face and hands-- and enjoy the fresh scents of cedar wood, cypress, and lime.

Shave Soap: Behold, shave soap, the old fashioned way of lathering up before shaving clean. Our bar is made with bentonite clay, a form of volcanic ash, which helps detoxify and cleanse your skin.

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