At Caroline Layne all the magic is created by one person the owner. Not only does she run the show but she hand makes each and everyone of her items for each of her customers. Whether its alterations, wood working, clothing, sewing or digital designing she does it all and takes provide in providing eactly what the customer wants.


    Like with every great business there are key members that help with it's success. Each member of the Caroline Layne Boutique LLC team have important roles that help our business to grow and succeed at the same time offering personal, creative ideas and products to our customers! Caroline Layne values its customers and their needs and wants. We strive to make each one of them happy with their purchases from Caroline Layne Boutique LLC.




    Lauren started this business as a way to stay home with her twin daughters and younger son while doing something she loves that people will enjoy. Starting off in the corner of her living room it quickly with the support of her husband Chris and her friends and family grew to where she eventually was able to open up her own brick and mortar in her hometown of Roxboro NC. Keeping with the small town feel her and her father Larry were able to turn a 1946 cottage into a super cute trendy boutique to offer many items to everyone everywhere. Offering beautiful affordable items to all her customers. She puts great care in making her customers happy and it shows!.